How to Install:

1. Install V2 Client on a MW2 Game directory:
2. If not existing create a folder inside your MW2 folder called "mods"
3. Create a folder called "zombies" inside your "mods" folder
4. Paste the folders and files of the download inside of your "zombies folder"
5. Start the mod via the mod launch function (not fs_game mods/modname) on private match OR join any server, be sure the gametype name of the server is same as your folder "zombies", if not you will download all files again which can take time. rename your mod folder then m8 (Maybe you have to join the server twice)


In "MW2>mods>zombies>scripts>settings.gsc" you can change gamesettings like the start pistol, starting cash, turning on/off cinematic spawn and much more
In that file you can also add/delete weapons which can be spawn in the mystery box
If you know what you are doing you can also do new map edits in that file
You are not allowed to leech any other files than settings.gsc


27 new weapons
  • Thundergun
  • Firestaff
  • Raygun
  • Raygun Mark 2
  • Blundergat
  • Winters Howl
  • Ray Machine
  • Wavegun
  • Titus
  • Crossbow
  • Sword
  • Wunderwaffe
  • PPSH
  • Galil
  • Scavenger (explosive sniper)
  • Sabertooth (chainsaw)
  • Warmachine
  • M1911
  • Mg08
  • Mr6
  • Tomahawk
  • Bouncing Betty
  • Tazor
  • Monkey Bombs
  • Flamethrower
  • Olympia
  • V-R11
  • Sliquifier(coming soon)
  • And many more weapons of V2 Client
Perkmachines & Others
  • Wallguns: Guns in map, which you can buy
  • Power: Turns on power to use buy perks
  • Juggernog: More health
  • Quick Revive: You can revive teammates faster and if you play on solo if you go down you revive yourself
  • Speed Cola: Fastreload
  • Double Tab: You shoot an extra bullet everytime you shoot
  • Stamin Up: 1.2x faster running, permanent running
  • Mulekick: Extra weapon slot
  • Ammo Matic: Gives you max ammo
  • Widows Wine: Gives you 4 semtex grenades; if a zombie hits you, near zombies get stuck, and you lose a semtex; semtex grenade stuns near zombies; increased knifedamage
  • Electric Cherry: Stunning zombies on reload
  • Gumball Machine: Gives you a random ability, there are some very powerful ones
  • Pack a Punch Machine: Max Ammo for your weapon + damage is multiplied * 2 on that gun; A lot weapons can be upgraded twice, then there is a chance for electro or firebullets
  • Mystery Box: Here you can buy your guns
  • Teleporter: Only available on some maps, will teleport you to a secret area with nice stuff to buy
There are also new weapons which are featured in V2 client
From time to time a heli can fly into the map and drop a powerups
If a zombie runs through fire, he will burn and damage near player
If you play solo you can pause the game with ESC menu
If you play solo you can revive yourself if you obtain the QuickRevive Perk
Easter Egg: You can type: "Gema sux" in public chat and chickens will rain
Zombie Drops
  • Max Ammo
  • Insta Kill
  • Nuke
  • Double Points
  • Death Machine
  • Cash Bonus
  • Usable Sentrygun
  • Maxis Drone
  • Raymachine
  • Soap McTavish as protector
  • ChopperGunner who is protecting you
Zombies types
  • Normal civilian zombie
  • Normal soldier zombie
  • Builder zombie (explodes on close range)
  • Parachute zombies (fly into the map with a parachute, watch out for a burning airplane)
  • Zombie dogs, usually enter the game in a special round
  • Napalmzombie (usually slow walking zombie, deadly explosion impact if you're too close, is burning, marked with a kill icon)
  • George Romero (until a hit: slowwalking zombie, comes in doground, much hp, keeps calm after a while without damage, makred with kill icon)
  • Avogadro (Electrozombie, comes when power is activated, only killable with knifing, marked with killicon)
  • Samantha (leader of all zombies, this little girl is coming for you every 10 rounds and will try everything to kill you with some special tricks, massive hp, marked with a kill icon)


This mod was created by Santahunter and AVENGER Credits: tom-crowley: TomXmodelUtils,Lemon,Lime| Tiresome 1 0 1 Ammo Perk | TheApadayo: Zonebuilder| NTA:IW4tool| mitsurugi: BO3 MR6| cocos20x: zombie warfare logo| darkghost: menu| Dr.lilrobot: gobble gum machine
Created with ♥ by Alex CLaz